Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium (Atlanta, GA)

A short business trip to Atlanta provided the perfect opportunity to just scratch the surface to what Atlanta Georgia has to offer.  A city well known for its congesting traffic but once you survive that characteristic you can begin to move around and see the different attractions and history.  Theres a lot of history associated with Atlanta and this trip only allowed a visit to the old (what was) Atlanta Stadium.  It's not converted into a memorial within a parking lot for the new stadium.  The foundation wall is still intact in the outfield as well as a piece of the fence where Hank Aaron became baseball's all-time career home run leader by hitting his 715th home run on April 8, 1974.  Doing a photo shoot in front of the fence with the 715 home run placard would have probably been enough.  However, a bronze home plate where SO many legends once stood at bat and SO many records were broken and legends were built, a shoot had to be done.;The parking lot was entirely empty which gave a feel of a field within the stadium still existed.  It was amazing to walk on such historic ground to the extent where one could feel as if they could witness such greats play the game of Baseball right before your eyes.
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