Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wedding - Waukesha, WI

After traveling to several family and friend's events and weddings it is often asked where the Traveling Mushroom is?  So this family wedding was used for the one and only wedding the Blue Mushroom will go to besides maybe his own.  Who doesn't have to or has not traveled to a wedding before?  Like all weddings it was a beautiful wedding and it was nice to catch up with family.  It's unfortunate that Waukesha doesn't have more to offer and there wasn't enough time to stop in downtown Milwaukee.  On that note, what could Waukesha, Wisconsin really offer for a photogenic picture really?  No, seriously the best story that Wikipedia has is, "In August 2010, the singer Ke$ha came to Milwaukee to perform at a concert. On a radio interview, it was suggested that Milwaukees close neighbor, Waukesha, unofficially change its name to "Wauke$ha" for a day. That radio broadcaster, from WRNW, tried contacting the mayor of Waukesha, asking if he would. The mayor did not respond through various means of communication. Later, when Ke$ha was interviewed by that radio broadcaster, he had Ke$ha call the mayor. She offered to have a beer with him if he were to "slip a dollar sign" in it. He declined by e-mail, and the name did not change. Petrie, Joe "Scrima: Singer Ke$ha should rename herself 'Waukesha'" GM today, August 26, 2010." -  I mean seriously, Kesha?

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