Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lincoln Memorial - Washington, D.C.

"In this temple, As in the hearts of the people, For Whom he saved the union, The memory of Abraham Lincoln, is enshrined Forever" is what is inscribed into the wall above the statue.  This is a pretty significant monument in the D.C. area and a must see.  So much history is to be respected in this location and because of this location.  I wanted to get the Blue Mushroom to sit on Lincolns lap but I was unable to pull it off.

The White House - Washington, D.C.

THE TRAVELING MUSHROOM for PRESIDENT!!! We are only a few steps away for making it true, YES WE CAN!  This was the Blue Mushrooms first time visiting the nations capital and stopping at the White House was a must.  The president never showed but there were a lot of guys with rifles and sniper rifles on the roof and it must be assumed that this was for the protection of the Blue Mushroom. There really wasn't much to see of the White House through a big Iron fence but do they still allow tours of the White House?  If they do then maybe that would be a reason to go back and visit.

Washington Monument - Washington, D.C.

A short but longer than it should have been 9 hour road trip followed by a 45 minute ride on the Washington area Metrorail finally arriving in downtown D.C. to view the sights.  The first stop would be the easily recognizable Washington Monument.  This was a beautifully lightly covered cloudy sky August day.  One could not paint or ask for a better day to view the nations national monuments.  For some who don't know, construction stopped on the Washinton Monument due to money and the start of the Civil war and didn't finish until 30 years later.  It's because of this that about 150 feet up can you see a slight discoloration where the construction re-began.

Monday, August 2, 2010

RTD - Denver, Co

The Denver area light rail transit system or actually known as RTD was a bit unique and a slight eye opening ride into downtown Denver.  It was unique because there was no turn styles, no ticket taker, no conductor to monitor who's getting on and off the train.  It was eye opening because it was based almost completely on the honor system.  It was explained that from time to time a uniformed officer will board and check to see who has paid and check their stubs.  Also, the trains are monitored more closely during certain professional sporting events and other similar big festivals.  It would be my opinion that this speaks a lot for Denver and their way of thinking and really fits the atmosphere of Denver that I love so much.  This was a short ride to downtown with a new brother and a tasty beer with a good Texan.
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