Friday, July 2, 2010

Traffic Jam

Who hasn't been stuck in a traffic jam on a road trip?  This is probably the most irritating thing that can happen to anyone on a long road trip.  The unknown of how long it will last or how far the lit up red tail lights actually reach.  All you can do at this point is grip the steering wheel in frustration and try and find the fastest lane that always seems to be the one next to you no matter how many times you change lanes.  It doesn't help when its a family road trip with 2 toddlers, 1 infants, and 4 adults that doesn't leave room for anything or anyone.  With such cramped space its hard not to wine and cry along with the infant and toddlers throughout the trip.  After 8 hours that included 2 stops to eat and 4 or 5 potty breaks (I lost count), the family reached its destination at the much needed and overdue family reunion.

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