Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pizzeria Bianco

In the heart of Phoenix Arizona lies two unassuming houses that contain some of the tastiest gourmet pizza one could ever come across in a life time.  The restaurant only opens at 5pm and will only start to take reservations at this exact time which leaves a line just to make a reservation.  Approximately about a twenty or thirty minute wait to give your name; you can expect to wait two to three hours on a weekday to be called.  While you wait, you hang around in the first house that is actually a wine and appetizer waiting area with each room consisting of couches, table or a bar.  After a few drinks, talking to some good people the time actually seems to fly by.  Once you are called, you then proceed to the next building that also contains a bar but also a brick oven that cooks the pizza.  The menu has a wide range of choices that include some of the tastiest selections and unique styles.  The restaurant has been talked about in several different magazines and the Rachel Ray show and has been voted into the top ten pizza places in the country.  With all of the different tasty styles of pizza laying on the table with the colors screaming of deliciousness, couldn't resits a photo shoot.  This was definitely a unique place ran by a unique individual that can only be summed up by the quote, “There is no great genius without some touch of madness” and this couldn't describe the owner and operation any better...

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