Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona definitely lived up to its own hype of having some of the best sunsets.  There was not a single night of being disappointed and was fortunate enough to see some of the most orangeish-red and violet sunsets that one could ever imagine.  It was a glow that would light up the city area before it finally set and even after would still put on a pretty glow beyond the horizon.  Being unable to speak for the rest of Arizona but Phoenix at the end of the July can only be described as standing behind ten diesel truck's exhaust while running.  It was just an incredible dry, hot, hot heat that didn't seem to quit.  This was a significant trip that was the prelude to the next chapter in life.  With head still spinning and trying to catch a grip; this was one of several big leaps of trying to get the next chapter set up. The last shot was a 'chance moment' taken at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport right before boarding the airplane and on to the next adventure. 

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