Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adirondack Mountains

The Adirondack Mountains is a true place to help escape from everything and anyone.  Especially for someone that lives within four hours of driving distance, it can really be an energizing weekend vacation.  The Adirondack park is full of trails, rivers, lakes, mountains, campgrounds and nearly any other outdoor activities that one would be in to.  This weekend was fun filled with camping, swimming, hiking, relaxation and cooking over a fire.  The Adirondack Park, specifically Saranac Lake will forever be something more than just a place to visit and will be a significant place of memories and real emotions.  This hike up Cascade Mountain was a memorable one with good company that included an eight five pound mans best friend that led the way up but was having trouble keeping up on the way down.  At the top gave a stunning view of the high peaks region and the town below that once you were there, you didn't want to leave.  There are forty six high peak trails and hiking up the Cascade Mountain put the Traveling Mushroom at 'Oner' status of the forty six.

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  1. amazing spot and weekend! Morgan was exhausted poor girl.


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