Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Puerto Rico

This building waves the Spanish military flag, Puerto Rico's flag, and just out of view, the United States flag. San Juan has a very long history of a military presence and has two forts and a giant wall lining the city. The city was so clean and quaint and the people were so friendly. The building in the picture was so stereotypical a photo shoot was necessary. Usually I dont talk about personal "I's" or "me's" but while I was taking this picture, after I finished a couple was standing there curiously trying to stay out of the picture. They were looking at me and smiled and asked, "Is that a mushroom?". I returned the smile and replied, "Yes, just trying to do something a little unique with the places I travel to." With their smiles still in place as they started to walk away they gave out a little bit of a chuckle and said, "I like that".

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