Thursday, August 13, 2009

South Beach - Miami, FL

After a beautiful afternoon spent laying on some of the whitest sand aside the greenest water; a short stroll down the popular Ocean dr. seemed fitting. One can not go to Miami and skip visiting this area when there is so much to do! There are so many stores for some real fashionable shopping, the ever cheap but relaxing laying on the beach, grab a meal from anyone of the trendy restaurants or just go dancing. There is an atmosphere down on South Beach that this image doesn't seem to capture and there will be a return to capture that feel.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cruise Ship

On board the Liberty of the Seas, at the time of this photo, it was the largest sailing cruise boat in the world. Measuring at 1,112' long (the titanic was just over 882'), able to hold 3,634 and one traveling mushroom the description sure doesn't do its size justice. A top cruising speed of 21.6 knots but I couldn't really tell you if that is fast or not because I don't know what a knot is compared to in miles per hour. This was an amazing experience and there was always something to do and opportunities to try new things. With a behind the scene shot of myself in the middle of a photo shoot with the Traveling Mushroom, I didn't know the shot was being taken which helped to catch more of an in the moment feel.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This view was absolutely breath taking. The water was so consistently turquoise with the lush green mountains and beautiful blue sky with a light covered cotton white clouds was a view that would taken anyone back a step. The mountain tips even had a little bit of a haze helping to add a little more character to the scene. This private island was only given use to a specific cruise line but was Haitian soil. From what I was told, Haiti is a very poor country and the government doesn't care to do much for it and if that's true then its a real shame because this was a beautiful place to visit.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Puerto Rico

This building waves the Spanish military flag, Puerto Rico's flag, and just out of view, the United States flag. San Juan has a very long history of a military presence and has two forts and a giant wall lining the city. The city was so clean and quaint and the people were so friendly. The building in the picture was so stereotypical a photo shoot was necessary. Usually I dont talk about personal "I's" or "me's" but while I was taking this picture, after I finished a couple was standing there curiously trying to stay out of the picture. They were looking at me and smiled and asked, "Is that a mushroom?". I returned the smile and replied, "Yes, just trying to do something a little unique with the places I travel to." With their smiles still in place as they started to walk away they gave out a little bit of a chuckle and said, "I like that".

Old San Juan

A quaint little walk through Old San Juan through its narrow and cobble covered streets was beautiful and an amazing experience. The preservation of the buildings, streets, and architecture helped to show the amount of history and how unique of a place you were in. The different bright beautiful colors really helped to bring out each individual building and its particular features.

Fort San Felipe del Morro

The Fort San Felipe del Morro was a neat little stop while in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The guide at times seemed to be making some of the information up as he went along but was entertaining none the less. Sitting on a cannon as old as 400-500 years, just couldn't resist such a 'Kodak moment'. Overlooking the only way in or out of San Juan's inner harbor. "In 1983, the fort was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations and is part of San Juan National Historic Site. Over two million visitors a year explore the windswept ramparts and passageways making the fort one of Puerto Rico's main visitor attractions." -

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

St. Maarten

After a day of SCUBA diving one had to pause while in beautiful St. Maarten, the day was more than perfect with beautiful beaches and friendlier than friendly people one couldn't ask for more. The water was like bath waterwith beaches as white as the clouds in the sky and the air with a calming breeze, it was easy to just stop and take in the view from one of the docks, a sight that wont soon be forgotten.

SCUBA Diving

Far south in the Caribbean, about 45 feet below the sea with no need for a wetsuit, sitting on an artificial reef, a unique but best view in the house of life not often seen. Viewing some of life's most amazing and original life forms. Seeing such life forms as; barracuda's, jelly fish, a sting ray, puffer fish, needle fish, moray eel, and a shark. I'm sure though that this is their first encounter with a traveling mushroom and was probably more curious than the mushroom was.
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